Map of the Town of Kandy

මෙම පැරණි සිතියමෙහි බ්‍රිතාන්‍ය යුගයේ මහනුවර නගරය, එහි මායිම්, මංමාවත්, ප්‍රධාන ගොඩනැගිලි ආදිය දක්වා ඇත.

Limits of Manicipality

On the North : The Mahaveli Ganga

On the East : Lewella Ferry

On the South-West : Peradeniya Railway Bridge

Reference to Roads

Carriage roads : Solid Lines

Bridle roads or Walks : Dotted Lines

Private roads or Paths : Thin Lines

Reference to Numbers

  1. Post and Telegraph Office
  2. The Club
  3. Mercantile Bank
  4. Tom Moore & Co., F. Skeen & Co., Colombo Apothecaries Co.
  5. Mackay & Co., Baptist Chapel
  6. Wesleyan Chapel
  7. Walker, Sons & Co. Ltd
  8. A. Pate & Sons, F. T Cramer & Sons
  9. Cargills Limited
  10. National Bank
  11. Queen’s Hotel
  12. Miller & Co., Casse Chetty, A. R.
  13. St. Paul’s Church
  14. The Nata and Pattini Dewalas
  15. Police Court
  16. Victoria Esplanade
  17. Sir H. Ward Statue, P. of Wales Fountain
  18. Temple of the Tooth
  19. Audience Hall
  20. Kachcheri
  21. U.S Library
  22. Military Hospital
  23. The Firs
  24. Police Station
  25. St. James’s
  26. Hillwood
  27. Haramby House
  28. Malwatta Monastery
  29. The Judges’ Bungalow
  30. Florence Hotel
  31. Trinity Church, Trinity College
  32. Industrial School
  33. Town Hall
  34. Mohammedan Mosque
  35. R.C Cathedral, Benedictine Monastery
  36. Scots Kirk
  37. The King’s Pavillion
  38. Old Jail
  39. Old Palace
  40. Pulliayar Hindu Temple
  41. The Parsonage
  42. The King’s Bath
  43. Papal Seminary
Map of the Town of Kandy - 1903
Map of the Town of Kandy – 1903, “A guide to Kandy” By George J. A. Skeen



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